Information and terms

How to use a coupon code for a subscription?

Follow these instructions to take advantage of a promo code (subscription).

❖ Create an account or log in
❖ Go to your profile in the "Subscriptions and Purchases" tab.
❖ Click on "Subscribe" and select your plan
❖ Enter the given promo code
❖ Choose a payment method
❖ Enter your bank details and click on Validate
❖ You are ready to stream!

*Subject to acceptance of the
terms of sale. Promo only valid in Luxembourg. This plan is non-binding: you can unsubscribe at any time. The subscription will be automatically renewed after the given promotion period (e.g. after one month of free subscription, you will be charged the normal price the following month).

How to use a coupon code for a ticket?

Follow these instructions to get a promotional code (Ticket)*.

❖ Create an account or log in
❖ Go to the movie's page
❖ Click on "Play" and then "Ticket"
❖ Click on Special Offer
❖ You can stream your movie for 72 hours!

*Subject to acceptance of terms and conditions. Promo only valid in

What is Sooner?

Designed by and for movie lovers, Sooner invites you to watch and re-watch cult films, great classics of all genres, from here and abroad, that will move you, make you travel and discover new horizons!

Sooner is a hybrid catalog with more than 2,000 films available in the subscription, as well as an additional 4,000 available for rent, including the latest cinema releases.

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