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Escape to Spain

Discover a land of sunshine and the home of a cinema that excels in all genres.

Discover Spain

Escape to Australia

Between the wild beauty of its thousands of landscapes, its unique fauna and flora and its exceptional natural and cultural wealth, Australia is a land of contrasts overflowing with treasures.

Discover Australia

Escape to Ireland

Discover Ireland, with its breathtaking cliffs and wild nature, marked by history and legends.

Discover Ireland

Escape to Japan

Mix of tradition and modernity, Japan intrigues and fascinates. Discover this unfamiliar country, with its frenetic urban life but also its temples and its soothing nature.

Discover Japan

Escape to Rome

Visit the Eternal City, Rome, one of the world capitals of cinema and mother of Cinecittà.

Discover Rome

Escape to Brazil

Direction Brazil, its sunny climate and its beaches but above all the land of cinema novo, of international successes such as City of God and of a new generation of filmmakers attracting the biggest festivals in the world every year.

Discover Brazil

Escape to Brussels

Rediscover Brussels, birthplace of Jeanne Dielman, Chantal Arkerman and God himself according to Jaco Van Dormael.

Discover Brussels

Escape to India

Head to India with the great films of Satyajit Ray, the endless imagination of The Fall, the Bollywood gangster film Gangs of Wasseypur, the feminist cry of Angry Indian Goddesses, and much more!

Discover India

Escape to London

Explore the unknown nooks and crannies of this cosmopolitan and multicultural city through our selection.

Discover London

Escape to New York

Direction New York, with its joy, its hyperactivity, its excesses but also its rich history. Explore the Big Apple through a selection of films representing perfectly this multifaceted city.

Discover New York

Escape to Paris

Paris, city of love and arts and land of inspiration for the world's greatest filmmakers.

Discover Paris

Escape to Berlin

The cold and foggy weather makes us think of Berlin, the underground city, rich in history and full of charm.

Discover Berlin