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Travel to the USA

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, the golden age of Hollywood, its crooked detectives and its sunny yet mysterious atmosphere.

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Travel to Maghreb

Discover the Maghreb countries through its booming cinema. Committed filmmakers who question the social and economic changes that this region of the world is experiencing, not hesitating to break the taboos of their societies.

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Travel to Romania

In about twenty years, Romanian cinema has established itself and has become unavoidable. Cristian Mungiu, Corneliu Porumboiu, Călin Peter Netzer, Adrian Sitaru, Cristi Puiu, Radu Jude enrich European cinema with their endearing, lucid, sometimes cruel portraits of the Romania of yesterday and today.
Discover the Romanian new wave whose films offer a dark humorous look at the Ceaușescu years.

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Travel to Spain

Soak up the sun and explore the deserted streets of Madrid with Eva in August or immerse yourself in the intrigues worthy of the greatest telenovelas with the films of Penelope Cruz.

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Travel to South America

Let's head to South America to discover its contemporary cinema. Walter Salles, Pablo Larraín, Patricio Guzman, to name but a few, have put Latin America back at the center of the film industry thanks to films that have been widely shown in festivals and theaters. Meet this region through strong, personal and quality works.

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Travel to Italy

Visit the Eternal City, Rome, one of the world's film capitals and mother of the Cinecittà.
From Roberto Rossellini to Paolo Sorrentino to Matteo Garrone, Italy has not finished revealing great directors and shining at international festivals.

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Travel to India

Head to India with the great films of Satyajit Ray, the endless imagination of The Fall, the Bollywood gangster film Gangs of Wasseypur, the feminist cry of Angry Indian Goddesses, and much more!

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Travel to Japan

Kurusawa, Kore-heda, Kawase, Hosoda... Japanese cinema is full of great names known and renowned worldwide. Discover this discreet country, its offbeat but subtle cinema and above all its poetry.

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